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04 October 2020

Emergency medical training 3D

Activities within the `Emergency medical training 3D` project focused on early-stage innovation development to conduct technical and commercial validation of an innovative concept for 3D emergency education training to minimize potential technical and commercial risks. Through the conducted research, the applicant realized that virtual and augmented reality, due to their immersiveness, represents a decisive opportunity to create new or improve existing skills in employees. Through this project, comprehensive commercial and technical verification and validation of research results with commercial potential were undertaken.

The planned duration of the project is 12 months, within which an attempt was made to prove that technological risks associated with the product can or cannot be solved or whether the technological risk is such that the proposed technology can or cannot function in the environment. The project was implemented through 6 key points to try to demonstrate technical feasibility as follows: code development, 3D modeling and testing, interface design, video animation, and optimization and testing of video call module and multi-user interaction functionality. In addition to the technical feasibility demonstration activities, a CBA, an intellectual property protection plan, and a development concept and strategy will be developed.

The total value of the project is HR 556,904.48, of which HRK 389.751,32 is financed from grants and HRK 167.153,16 represents the applicant’s own participation.

After the project ended, Spectre d.o.o. started working with the Institute of Emergency Medicine Osijek – baranja county on developing virtual reality applications for staff training.

Spectre d.o.o. plans to continue the development of the project by applying to the ERDF to fund innovation and R&D projects.

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